Welcome to Hope Spa and Nail Salon

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Welcome to Hope Spa & Nails

Full Service Nails and Spa

Welcome to download Los Angeles and welcome to Hope Spa & Nail. Being number 1 nails salon in downtown LA (survey by DTLA news magazine 2014), we are committed to provide excellence care and services for your nails.

Sanitation is of our priority and healthy nails are our main concern. At Hope spa & nails you will experience a different nail salon atmosphere with friendly, relaxation, complimentary drinks (tea, champagne,…), and choice of colors.

Nails are window of our health. Our cares, knowledge, and products will give your nails enough ingredients nutrition for them to stay healthy and beauty. We will answer, explain and recommend what needs to be done to bring your nails to excellence stage.

If you have foot problem (Crack Heel, Dry Skin, Peel Skin) or nails problem (Ingrown, Fungal, Yellow, Lifted nails), rather go for surgery or taking prescription shot for your nails to relieve the pain, you can seek a better relaxation and cost effective treatment by calling us to arrange a free consultation appointment. We have several pedicure treatment packages plans with guaranty result and will improve the condition and the look of your feet and nails. You will be amaze to find out how the best manicure and pedicure works compound with peptide organic products treatment that can make your hand and feet 2 years younger.

Also, we are offering free confidential consultation on our Hope Spa & Nails facebook page, if you have any questions about nails and what should be done to protect it, you are welcome to ask us.

Located conveniently in W. Olympic Blvd., Hope Spa & Nails – is one of the best beauty salon – would bring you the most memorable and wonderful time when using our services! Airy, clean space, elegant architecture & harmonious interior decorations, modern tools & equipment that would be what you find in the salon.

Our creative, skillful and professional technicians will help you choose the most suitable color and nail model as well as a fashionable hair style. We make sure you would love your time here! Hope Spa & Nails – Where your fashionable nail & hair would brighten up your natural beauty!

Thank you and we are looking forward to seeing you at Hope Spa & Nails